Strengthening the Rule of Law through the UN Security Council

This Linkage Project between the ANU Centre for International Governance and Justice and the Australian Government’s Australian Civil-Military Centre is funded by the Australian Research Council. The project advances pragmatic, evidence-based policy proposals designed to strengthen the Council’s future practice in critical thematic areas, including:

  • the importance of the rule of law in securing and maintaining peace which is based on principles of justice
  • commitment to the rule of law by those involved in peacekeeping-peacebuilding nexus, particularly through the civil/military dimension
  • commitment within the Council to the rule of law in its decision making, working methods and institutional practice relating to sanctions
  • commitment within the Council to the rule of law in its consideration of the use of force.

The project specifically aims to:

  • critically evaluate the theory and practice of the UN Security Council’s decision-making over the past decade to promote the rule of law
  • advance pragmatic, evidence-based policy proposals designed to increase the Council’s ability to strengthen the rule of law in its peacebuilding activities (with particular emphasis on the role of effective civil-military coordination), as well as in its use of sanctions and force
  • identify the role Australia and other actors might play in promoting these proposals in the UN Security Council and more broadly.

You can access the policy proposals here.

Chief Investigators:
Hilary Charlesworth and Jeremy Farrall
Centre for International Governance and Justice
RegNet School of Regulation and Global Governance
The Australian National University

Industry Linkage Partner:
Alan Ryan
Australian Civil-Military Centre
Australian Government

For more information on this project, contact Jeremy Farrall: