Roundtable ‘Influence in the UN Security Council: What role for the E10?’

UN Photo/Mark Garten

On 14 June 2018, SCAN will co-convene with the United Nations University and the Security Council Report, the roundtable ‘Influence in the UN Security Council: What Role for the E-10?’.

At the event, SCAN will present its current research findings on elected members’ influence on the Security Council, followed by a reaction by Richard Gowan, Senior Fellow at UN University’s Centre for Policy Research, and a Q&A.

The roundtable will consider questions such as the issues on which elected members have the most influence; the institutional and procedural conditions that facilitate or hamper elected members’ influence; the impact of dynamics outside the Security Council on the influence of elected members on the Council; and the best ways for elected members to maintain influence on Council decision-making beyond their two-year term.

You can access the discussion paper for the event here.