Release of new IPI policy paper on addressing sexual exploitation and abuse in UN PKO

UN Photo/Ky Chung

Jeni Whalan is the author of the newly released IPI policy paper Dealing with disgrace: addressing sexual exploitation and abuse in UN Peacekeeping.

The report analyzes the prevention of SEA under the framework of UNSC Resolution 2272. It identifies nine implementation requirements flowing from the resolution and makes twenty-one recommendations for delivering them, including:

  • Appointing an independent, impartial ombudsperson with a mandate to review and oversee UN actions on sexual exploitation and abuse in peacekeeping;
  • Streamlining the UN’s cumbersome reporting processes and resourcing to enable easier reporting and more timely action;
  • Improving the trauma-sensitivity of investigations and responses to sexual exploitation and abuse;
  • Addressing underreporting and institutional opacity by substantially strengthening whistle-blower protections and establishing partnerships with local and international civil society organizations; and
  • Requesting reporting on allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse against non-UN forces operating under a Security Council mandate.

More  can be found on the International Peace Institute Website.

You can access a PDF version of the report here.